Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


December 22, 2013

Getting vaporized

Jacksonville's new electronic cigarette store caters to those trying to leave tobacco behind



Calloway has done his own research. He even uses one himself with no nicotine.

"I asked all my customers on Facebook since they started vaping did they quit smoking or just cut back on regular cigarettes," he said, "The response was awesome! Customers told me they can run around with there kids in the yard without getting short on breath. We find that when most customers start vaping the drop regular cigarettes completely."

Calloway believes vapor shops are infinitely healthier than, say Hookah bars at which patrons share flavored tobacco from a community "hookah" placed at every table.

"I think everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health and wants to quit smoking," he said.

Calloway is a Palestine resident who has lived there all his life. His manager for the Jacksonville store, Jason Lowe, has lived in town five years and has lots of family here.

Up until a few days ago, Lowe was very busy trying to get everything in place for the Monday, Dec. 16, opening.

"Getting this place ready to open!" Lowe said in a Facebook post directly from Voltage Vapor Shop.

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