Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


November 19, 2011

Just Ask Janet

Thanksgiving least commercial holiday

JACKSONVILLE — Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think what I love about it the most is that it is the least commercial holiday and that it is uniquely American.

In my family, Thanksgiving is all about the four F’s: faith, family, food and football. In my family we say the blessing before we fill our plates and sit down to eat. We gather together as a family - not just the immediate family — but the extended family. It is not uncommon for there to be dozens of us gathered to break bread together on Thanksgiving Day. We all sit around and watch football on TV after the meal and enjoy our desserts at halftime when we finally have a tiny bit of spare room in our tummies for them.

We don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving Day. We don’t go to the movies. We might play games. The weather determines whether they’re indoor games or outdoor games. We definitely laugh and talk and tell stories and catch up and just enjoy being with each other.

I know it must sound incredibly boring and old fashioned to the teens and 20-something’s out there but actually, it’s really nice.

I am extremely thankful for all of the blessings in my life. My wish for each of you is that you have a lovely Thanksgiving, that you are able to enjoy even the smallest of blessings that life has to offer, and that you are able to focus on the positives and minimize the negatives in your life during this holiday season.

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