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May 31, 2013

COLUMN: New JHS grad gives heartfelt thanks to supporters

JACKSONVILLE — Not much time left. As I write this, it's nearly Friday, when I will walk across the stage and officially become a 2013 graduate of Jacksonville High School.

It's been an interesting journey. Closing out my Jacksonville High School experience, I am left with two things to say: “What a relief!” and “I'll really miss it.”

There are lots of mixed emotions here. I stand in awe of the genuinely excellent teachers and good friends who have really helped me make my way. I will miss all of them after high school.

As far as friends are concerned at the top of my list is Brock Benge: a good friend with a one-in-a million girlfriend.

There's also "Good Luck Man" Travis McGee: My "rival" and friend: Travis, I wish you luck in your future endeavors as a welder.

To Andrew Roch, one of the smartest people I know: I wish you the best of luck.

To my girlfriend Gwen: I'll miss you the most.

I would also really like to thank the people who got me here, the teachers and others who helped see me through.

There is Mr. Edwards, the funniest teacher I’ve had so far. Thank you for all your help.

Miss Clater: You were THE coolest teacher I've ever had. I struggled at first, but you helped me get on track.

To Miss Woody: You were the most communicative teacher I've had, and that really helped me in your class.

To Miss Ousley: Thank you. You pulled NO punches in your class and that made me strive to excel and improve on my approach to my English work.

Miss Daniels: You pushed and you pushed an you pushed and I finally got it all done. Thank you for being so patient.

Mr. Silvertooth: thank you for helping me get my OSHA certification. And thank you or helping me learn self-control, as well.

Thank you all – including my high school Principal Tammy Jones and JISD Superintendent Dr. Joe Wardell – for aiding me as I work to get to college.

Most of all I need to thank my father, Ben Tinsley for helping me with my transportation needs, helping me get jobs and triple-checking all the details, so he could be sure I'd get here. Dad, I couldn't have done it without you.

I guess this is goodbye then for now. It's just about time to walk that stage. Looking forward to community college in the fall.

Your friend always,


Jake Tinsley, 18, is an occasional freelance writer for the Jacksonville Daily Progress.


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