Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

December 23, 2013

Take time to watch your elected officials in action

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Hello. It’s been awhile since I voiced my opinion, so here goes.

It’s nice to know we still have the Cherokee County Bubbatisam Party intact, a few different faces, but they fell right in line.

Obama would be proud to know there’s plenty of elected officials that rules the same as him. “To all citizens, pay your taxes and shut up. We are in control and don‘t forget it.”

County Court At law Judge, what a fiasco. Don’t know what happened, but if you or I did anything close, our face would be on the front page of the paper, TV and most likely on the post office walls. What gives, an elected official gets bust and it’s all covered up. Good to know there’s equal justice for all.

I feel everyone needs to go to the courthouse at least once and watch your elected officials in action, even mandatory before you vote. Like I say, my opinion.

Wayne McGee