Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

May 24, 2011

Jesus was not a liberal

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Sunday's newspaper ran a letter to the editor from the "Maydelle theologian" who stated "Jesus was a liberal" because he healed the sick, fed the masses, etc.  I've heard this rather shallow argument from liberals before.  He's making an error that many before him (including the disciples themselves) have made.  That is in trying to turn Jesus into a political figure.  The message and mission of Christ tanscend any political idealology.  He came to rule our hearts, not our governments.  Forced or coerced re-distribution of wealth for social services, as espoused by liberal/progressive/socialist/communist doctrine, violates the free will relationship between God and mankind and ultimately falls short of goals and is corrupt-ed.  Interestingly, free healthcare and education, the clothing and feeding of the poor, and other so called liberal agendas, were first initiated by the legacy and body of Christ, which is the church.  This was done WITHOUT government assistance or interference.  Also recent studies have proven what many have known for years, which is that self proclaimed conservatives give far more to charity than liberals.


Ronnie Cundieff,