Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

October 23, 2011

Don’t outsource tax collections

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Received my letter from the appraisal district, very alarming. It seems someone (little/flowers) is discussing to combine the appraisal district and the county tax office. Their reason, save the taxpayer money, won’t happen. With this spend everything we can get our hands on Commissioners Court we have, they’ll buy something else we can’t live without and will not help the county at all. What a joke!!!! Vote NO on this survey from flowers.

Ever since Linda Little has been office, she and Flowers have been trying to do this. The only thing I can say, if Little can’t handle the job or if the job she has is to much for her, why did she run for office? I think Cherokee County will be better off when we replace this woman with someone that can handle the job. Come on election time.

In my opinion, I think the school systems and cities should take care of their own collection, so let’s move their collection back to them, let’s save money by not out sourcing. Surely they have the ability to take care of their own business.

Wayne McGee,