Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 3, 2014

More rules on parking not the answer at JISD

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — As a resident of the 1000 block of Henderson Street in Jacksonville I recently received a letter from Police Chief Daniel about his proposed expansion to an existing 8am to 4pm No-Parking-On-School-Days zone near the high-school to include all streets between the high school and

Beaumont Street.  

I have called Chief Daniel and expressed my opposition.  It now appears to me that Jacksonville ISD needs to make it easier for high-school students to park on-campus in the first place!  I think the long-term solution for this problem can be found with less parking rules from JISD, and maybe even less parking rules on Mason Street from the city, but certainly not with more parking rules.  

If students drive all the way to the edge of the school property, they would simply park on-campus if not for some “well-meaning”, but overly-strict, JISD rules preventing them from entering, parking, or leaving.  I am told students currently park in existing No-Parking zones on Mason Street and the first blocks of Henderson, Palestine, etc.  

The new proposal would also make Mason Street, next to the high-school, a Towing-Zone during school hours.  An unintended consequence will simply be even more students parking in front of homes to avoid the towing-zone.  

If students already risk a parking ticket on Mason Street, why would they not risk the same parking ticket around the corner?  Or maybe they just park West of Beaumont Street and walk a quarter-mile.  

Either way, this is still just a stopgap solution.  Why make it so hard for kids to park at school?  If a kid gets his car towed they may miss several days of  school. Maybe JISD could create an extended parking annex which is not subjected to all the rules and regulations of the closed-campus?

John Mark Parsons

Jacksonville, Texas