Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

May 14, 2011

RISD needs replacements

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Read the letter in the Rusk paper where a lady, Stacie Stallings, being upset about a eating problems at RISD. I wonder what all was written before the editor changed it to say what she wanted? Just for everyone’s knowledge, when you read the Rusk paper, the editor (not like mother) changes the letters to read differently or will not print them.

Why would anyone think the RISD goon squad would look out for the welfare of anyone. The devil with the needs of students, we’re in charge and we don’t care about education. We’ll give them a cussin’ even if they act like they want something from us, food is not a problem, pay are or stay out of the line, we’re feeding enough free already.

We run our school more efficient than any TDC facility, in fact, TDC should come by and take notes from us. Our job is to build buildings, parking lots and etc, we can spend over a million dollars on a football field, we don’t waste money on food. What’s more important, sports, education or food. As long the goon squad is here, it will not get any better, time to start replacement proceedings.

I’m going to write this very slow and short, I don’t want to talk above anyone’s head, so read very, very slowly. To the two scholars of RISD, the art teacher had to get help from a neighbor to write a letter, then get with the band teacher so he could write one also. In the future, if you want to comment on something I’ve said or done, at least have the fortitude to write you own letter. Everyone knows, art or band teachers are not rated high on the food chain.

Wayne McGee