Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

August 27, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Not a hazard?  Not a nuisance?

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — According to Emily Griffin's JDP 8/24/13 letter, this was the response she received from a Jacksonville City Administrator to her inquiry about the current status of the Yum Yum building.

I am sure that there is not a business owner on the street that DOES NOT consider the enormous pile of rubble a “Nuisance.”

I am certain, too, that a number of folks, myself included, are concerned about many possible potential “hazards.” Not the least of which is another possible libelous situation for the City of Jacksonville to contend with, using taxpayer dollars for legal fees and settlements, should an accident occur at the site.

Sure there is a reasonable solution to remedy this terrible eyesore. What is the recourse if property owners are not held responsible for the cleanup?

Considering all the local and area business closures mentioned in this very newspaper, I think that each of us, including the City of Jacksonville and possibly JEDCO, should do everything legally possible to enable this young, talented and productive lady to rebuild her thriving businesses.

We cannot afford to lose another, particularly by denial, or by being remiss.

Pat Walker Graham,