Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

February 7, 2014

Public servants or dignitaries?

Jacksonville Daily Progress

RUSK — The annual Chamber of Commerce banquet was held in Rusk on January 25, 2014.  At the beginning of this worthy and entertaining event, an interesting statement was made by the emcee.  When recognizing the elected government officials in attendance, and he referred to them as “dignitaries.”

Last night, Feb. 4th, there was a debate at Jacksonville College, hosted jointly by the Cherokee County Republican Party and Cherokee County Republican Club.  This was the best opportunity for Cherokee County residents to see and hear from those running for local public office.  Unfortunately, only one opposed incumbent attended.  The rest of our “dignitaries” chose not to bless us with their presence!  Thank you also to Senator Nichols, who attended though he is unchallenged this time around.

Tammy Blair, candidate for County Judge, described the event best, when she called it a job interview.  She showed up for her job interview.  Her opponent, the 12-year incumbent, did not.  It was the same with all other races except for the Court at Law Judge.  The only debate of the evening, and it was a battle worth seeing.  It appears Kelley Peacock and Janice Stone will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year, and it was good Daniel Boone Childs was sitting between them!

I have heard many complaints, about how our representatives in Washington and Austin, do not listen to we the people.  

Last night was proof that same problem is alive and well Cherokee County.  Last night was the best opportunity for candidates to answer the public's questions on the issues important to them.  

Those who chose not to participate missed a great opportunity and so did we the people.  Whether because of cowardice or arrogance, it doesn’t matter.  Our elected officials ARE public servants.  If they do not act like public servants, they should be fired.  With one notable exception, those candidates who did show up appeared to understand what it means to be a public servant.  

As a former business co-owner, I would never hire someone who didn’t show up for their job interview.  On March 4th, let’s give these “dignitaries the boot and hire us some real public servants!

Josie D.Schoolcraft