Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

December 27, 2013

Two locals demonstrate thoughtfulness

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — There are many ways thoughtfulness can be demonstrated, but the one I most appreciate is performed regularly by two gentlemen right here in my neighborhood. They walk together in the early morning for exercise and, in the process, pick up my morning paper at the curb and deliver it to my front door.

This routine started over a year ago. I used to walk to where the paper lay at the curb, then place one foot at the end of the rolled paper and use the tip of my cane to stand it upright making it possible for me to pick up.

Due to the stiffness of my joints, doing this was a slow and painful task, particularly after a hip replacement early last year.

I think these men probably saw me occasionally on their morning walk and took notice of how difficult it was for me to retrieve my paper.

The first time I discovered the paper leaning against the front door I was puzzled; who would do this and why? It remained a mystery until one day I caught one of my benefactors in the act. Looking through the glass in the front door I spotted the paper at the curb.

As I started out the door a man in a hooded sweat shirt appeared, picked up the paper and headed toward the front door.

I stepped out and met him midway on the walk. It was a man I knew who lived a few doors down the street.

His partner, I learned, lived a block away in the other direction. They had started providing this service some time ago to people they knew were in need of help. Some of the time they walked together and, depending on circumstances, sometimes individually. The service was rarely missed.

The reason I haven’t stated their names is because I know they’re not doing what they do for publicity or recognition.

They’re doing it for the satisfaction that comes when thoughtfulness is demonstrated in a way that helps a fellow human being.

So, God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay. Just keep the paper coming to my front door every day.

Hugh Neeld                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jacksonville, Texas


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