Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

May 16, 2011

Highway patrol a blessing to us

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — I learned first hand what a blessing the Highway Patrol are to us.

My friend and I were leaving town on Hwy. 175 last Sat.  Just a few miles out we had a flat.  (Later to find that we had run over a steel rod that punctured both the tire and the rim).

As we were looking for tools to change the tire Officer Fulton of the State Patrol drove up.

He took over, even had to read the manual to locate the spare.

What is the world was Chrysler thinking....put the spare under front of vehicle between driver and passenger seat???  He did every thing, releasing the tire, getting it out from under car, jacking, changing, putting ruined tire in car.  Then to top it off our vehicle would not start, battery drained somehow.  So he came back and took care of getting us started.  What a blessing he was, not just the job of getting us moving again, but his whole personality and attitude.  God bless the Highway Patrol and keep them safe.

Laura Smith,