Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

June 4, 2013


Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — The thread that commonly unites locally elected officials is that they love the communities or cities that they endeavor to serve.

In the current run-off election for the office of mayor, both candidates claim this attribute. After that, the similarities begin to fade.

As your former mayor, I am writing for several reasons. The first is to state that even though I no longer represent you, I still hold that thread that connects me with the current candidates: I love this City. That feeling of love for our community is shared by most citizens, I suppose, and allows them to connect with the candidates, as well.

The next reason is to state that I endorse and support Mayor Kenneth Melvin in his campaign for re-election. This support is not only based on his record of achievements and his personal values, but also because of the importance that experience, or lack of experience, has on the stability and function of local government.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity and the honor to serve the citizens of Jacksonville as mayor for six years.

I believe that it is now my duty and obligation to support the candidate that will ensure the current financial stability, the stability of management, and the stability of city government.

The final reason I write is to stress the importance of voting on June 11, 2013, or during the early voting period. I understand that a run-off election can be bothersome to voters who have already voted in the regular election. I implore you to vote again.

I also hope that I may have said something that will encourage those who did not vote in the regular election to do so in this run-off election. It’s important.

As your former mayor and one who loves this City, I hope that you will continue to cherish that sense of community that makes Jacksonville the best place to live, work, and raise a family. Now, GO VOTE!

Robert Haberle

Jacksonville Mayor,