Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

June 11, 2011

Cherokee County’s redistricting dance

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Redistricting is a hot topic of late and Cherokee County needs to make some changes to balance things out.  Unfortunately, power politics is getting in the way of fairness.  Precinct 3 has grown more than the other precincts and will have to give up some population.  However, certain politicians want to carve up the Lake Jacksonville community.

As a largely unincorporated area, taxpayers living on the lake would like to stay in the same precinct to assure consistent representation and treatment regarding road maintenance.  All that is now at risk.   

Earlier this year, it was revealed that a citizens group would be formed to review county redistricting plans and provide input.  Even the Austin law firm (Allison Bass & Asso.) providing advice and oversight of the redistricting process strongly recommended that such a citizen’s group be formed and allowed input.

At a Commissioner’s Court meeting in early May, I overheard County Judge Davis state that the citizen’s group would be formed and meet later in May.  However, no group has been formed and we are concerned that there may not be any citizen input.  Will the County Judge act unilaterally to push for approval of a plan that will carve up Lake Jacksonville and deprive these taxpayers of a fair hearing?  Why?  

Could there be much more to this than meets the eye?  The taxpayers deserve answers.

Judy Moscicki,

Lake Jacksonville