Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

December 27, 2012

Reader questions gun control ideas

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Church bells in Newtown, Connecticut, had not stopped tolling and the last of the twenty young children murdered in last week's tragedy had yet to be buried when the National Rifle Association came forward today to offer  " meaningful contribution" to the debate between Human Rights  and Gun Rights advocates.  

And what meaningful words did Mr. LaPierre , CEO of the NRA, offer the American public - " Buy more guns."  This man who gets paid millions of dollars a year to represent gun manufactures and promote their gun sales, said - " Arm all classroom teachers".   He didn't specify the type or caliber of weapons educators should wear as they teach our children - only arm them.  

Since Mr. LaPierre normally cites the Second Amendment of the Constitution to justify selling  more and more military style semi-automatic assault rifles to the public, I guess the appropriate weapon for classroom teachers would be along those lines.   

Representative Louis Gohmert seems to agree with this recommendation as he was quoted on national television saying he wished at least one teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School had a military assault weapon like a Colt M-4 at their disposal.  The NRA and their representatives like

Mr. Gohmert who advocate arming all classroom teachers must visualize some sort of armed standoff.  

If everyone is equally armed with mass killing power, so that philosophy goes, no one will want to be the first to pull a trigger- --Really?!?  

                         Terry Thompson