Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

May 16, 2014

Generation should look up

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — As I browsed TODAY’S HISTORY I read that: “In 1948 (May 14) the State of Israel was proclaimed during a ceremony in Tel Aviv.”  It’s just a footnote in history now some seventy one years later. It has not always been that. As a boy, a young man really, the date because of its proximity to my birthday was a sign, a promise of important things to come. The pastor of the church in which I was saved quoted the verse in Luke 21:32 “Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall in no wise pass away until all come to pass.” early and often. All my life I have lived with one eye on the sky expecting at any minute to see the clouds roll away and the Lord of the universe come charging in on a great white horse!  

Am I disappointed that the prophecy hasn't been fulfilled? A little, but then how long is a “generation”? I have not “passed away”--yet!  Better than that, my life has been filled with promise and expectation.  As a bonus I have gotten to see a boat load of people carrying all their worldly possessions in pillow cases, off loaded under protest onto a strip of land no larger than King Ranch in Texas, amid a people who would like nothing better than see them dead, build a country which has become one of the richest, most advanced, most democratic countries in the world!  Because of their vision Israel reestablished their nation in a generation.

In this same length of time I have seen Detroit fall from being the center of industry and home of some of the richest businesses in America with some of the best paid employees in the world surrounded by people who loved them and wanted nothing more than see them succeed, fall into disrepair and descend into squalor.  I mention Detroit only because it is a visual harbinger of things to come.  While Israel grew stronger in a generation, America has produced a generation of poverty with some forty percent of its citizens now dependent on the dole of the government.

Proverbs 29:18 tells us “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”  America needs a new vision. We, as a nation need to instill our children with a vision:  A promise and expectation of a better life not only through affordable (free?) education but the opportunity to do what they like whether in the Arts and Crafts or the Service Industries.  Why, they could usher in world peace, stamp out illicit drug use; find the cure for cancer or even the common cold. Imagine that!  It wouldn't hurt to remind them to “Look up” because God is not slack in his promises and He just might come back in their “generation”.

Calvin Howell