Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

June 29, 2011

Cherokee County good ol’ boys

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — The “Good Ol’ Boys” continue to demonstrate their animosity and unprofessionalism when it comes to addressing items on the Court’s agenda submitted by Commissioner Katherine Pinotti, Precinct 3.

During the June 27, 2011, Commissioner’s Court meeting, Commissioner Pinotti attempted to obtain approval of Precinct 3’s annual Road Report required by State law. The issue died because of no second. Judge Chris Davis rudely squelched Commissioner’s Pinotti’s request for an explanation why Commissioner’s Court remained silent.

What Commissioner’s Court did was ignore the Transportation Code law detailed in 251.005 – Commissioner’s Road Report. This law originally came into existence during the 74th Legislature in SB 971. The language was changed from a monthly report to an annual report during the 75th Legislature in SB 1391, SB 205, and HB 2266.

The bill analysis for SB 205 states “that the county auditor reports to the State Comptroller expenditures required by the constitution or other law spent on public roads or highways used in the preceding county fiscal year and sets forth requirements for distribution of funds to a county.”

Why County Judge Chris Davis and Commissioner’s continue to remain obstinate and arrogant is stifling. Why County Judge Chris Davis and Commissioner’s willingly and wantonly disregard the law is incredulous.

If you don’t care, then vote these juveniles back into office. If you do care, then vote to elect mature, professional officials who will serve the people who elected them to office.

Josie Schoolcraft,