Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

February 14, 2014

Freedom to vote for candidates of my choice is my right

Jacksonville Daily Progress

RUSK — The other day a brother told me that they are telling us that we can't vote in the Republican Primary if we are Democrats. First of all, the white democrats run to the Republican Party and then tell us we can't vote in their primary! What is up with that?

Do they think we are going to go back to sitting in the back of the bus? Man, this is 2014. I can vote anywhere I want and vote against all of them. They knew we were going to vote for them so they left.

There isn't anybody to vote for in the Democratic Primary who are not going to win anyway. And in November I can still vote for all the Democrats I want because I vote secret


If they want a one-party county, we'll just go vote in their party. See how they like that party!

Will Carter

Rusk, Tx.