Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 17, 2014

County resident shares experience with dumped animals, shelter fees

Jacksonville Daily Progress

CHEROKEE COUNTY — After reading a letter to the editor sent in by a reader speaking of her experience with Klein Animal Shelter, I decided to write one about mine.   

I live in the county.  Back in November I found a momma dog and her 2 puppies that had been dumped in a rural cemetary.  I took the dogs to my home so they would be safe and fed.  I already have 2 adopted dogs who were dumped and 2 adopted stray cats, so I could not keep all 3 of the dogs.  

I called Klein and was told that it would cost me $75 to take the mom and her puppies to the shelter.  I opted to take the puppies because I figured that since they were young puppies that they would have a good chance of being adopted.  I forked over the $60 that the shelter required since I don't live in the city.   I never saw those puppies listed on the shelter website list of their adoptable animals.

I greatly resent the fact that people who don't live in the city and end up with dumped animals have to PAY to take the animals to the shelter so that they might at least have a fighting chance of finding a home instead of being left as a stray to die a

horrible death.  

I understand that Klein has limited funds, but why should county residents be financially responsible to pay for an animal that was dumped?  Fortunately, I could afford to pay the fee, but there are a lot of people who can't and that leaves innocent and helpless animals left to try to fend for themselves, usually with fatal endings.

I would imagine that if county residents didn't have to pay a fee to surrender animals, that there would be a lot fewer dumped to die.

Sharon Claxton

Cherokee County