Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 15, 2014

Shelter fee for found puppy too much

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — I wish to express my displeasure at an experience I had with Klein Animal Shelter last week.

As I was leaving Wal-Mart, an associate kept shooing a small and very cold puppy away from the door.  The puppy kept approaching people entering the store.  I took pity on the puppy, and with the help of another shopper, we caught her.  Since I could not  keep a dog, I decided to take the puppy to Klein Animal Shelter.

At the shelter, I explained the situation.  I was informed that the shelter could not take the puppy unless I paid a fee of $30 dollars since I live outside of the city limits.  I was also informed that I was the second person to bring the puppy in.  The first person that had brought the puppy into the shelter after finding her in the parking lot of Wal-Mart had dumped her again in the parking lot since he or she did not want to pay the $30 fee.

This is absolutely deplorable behavior on the part of Klein Animal Shelter.  An animal shelter is supposed to provide for the welfare of stray and unwanted pets.  Klein Animal Shelter failed to do this.  The puppy was found within city limits, and since the shelter already knew the situation, I really do not understand why they refused to take the puppy even after knowing she had already been dumped again into the parking lot of Wal-Mart.

Kudos to Jacksonville Animal Control.  They were very professional and agreed to take the puppy when I took her by the Police Department.

Kari Walters