Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

February 1, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Fuzzy city codes concern resident

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Apparent by the mayoral race last year and the show of concern for our community, it is obvious that Jacksonville is alive and well.

Along with other citizens, I have had my problems with understanding city codes.  I have had an 18-wheeler parked next door to me off and on for almost 3 years.  I called my city councilman, Jeff Smith. He made a call and said there was nothing I could do about it.  So, after many months of talking to the Chief of Police, City Manager, City Attorney and anyone else that would listen to me, I hired an attorney.  The attorney contacted the trucking company and the driver was told to move his truck.  The truck was gone for a few weeks.  He returned with truck and was fired from the trucking company.  Then the driver started parking an 18-wheeler with no name on the trailer, Wal-Mart bags over the VIN number and license plate.    The next time he parked the truck next door he put blue masking tape over all the numbers.  A sign was installed on the side of the truck facing my property that said "Warning, you are being videotaped, keep away."   

One of the companies said he hauls fertilizer which he has dropped on the street.

The City Manager says problem is you are the only one complaining."

A revised code was tabled.  Could it be some of the councilmen were worried RV's would be banned. This problem is not about recreational vehicles or trailers.

The City of Jacksonville needs to clarify all their city codes, making no exceptions for city officials.  We especially need city councilmen that will work for all their constituents, not for themselves.

City – fix your fuzzy codes.

City officials – would you like an 18-wheeler parked next door to your home?

Joyce Stripling