Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

June 13, 2013

What’s right about Jacksonville?  All kinds of things

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — On Sunday, June 9th, I had a mishap on South Jackson Street, the details of which are not important to the following comments.  

I want to commend the actions of at least three total strangers who stopped to assist and make telephone calls for additional aid and transportation. I did not get the names of the individuals and only hope they read this to know how much I appreciate their selflessness in a time of someone else’s need. Thank you so much.

Heartfelt thanks go to Martin Solis, who was right there with me and called my wife. He provided exemplary comfort and assistance, above and beyond, for a person without any emergency training. He was truly a God-send. After I was taken from the scene, he also made sure my tools and truck got back to my home and everything was properly cared for. Martin, thanks buddy.

Finally, to the Jacksonville EMS, I thank you for your training and professionalism.  FF/Paramedic Chaffin and his crew – FF Evan Ward and FF Greg Allen- were most competent and skilled in the delivery of care. They were gentle and reassuring, while acting with great confidence during a stressful time. Sure, they were doing their jobs; but, it seems like so much more, when you’re the one in their care. Thanks, Guys.

I applaud all of these individuals for the roles they played that day. It is very humbling and encouraging to know that those kind of people walk among us, here in Jacksonville. There’s been a lot of talk over the past few weeks regarding “things wrong” with Jacksonville. Finding things wrong is easy, no matter where you live.  

What happened to me last Sunday reminds me about what’s “right” with Jacksonville, and why I choose to live here.  

Robert Haberle