Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 15, 2012

Caldwell has a burr under his saddle

John Tessaro
Jacksonville, Texas


Goodness, I think I may have put a burr under Cherokee County Attorney Craig Caldwell's blanket. Mr. Caldwell took me to task for using the word inadvertant. In reality he may have been upset about me chiding the powers to be for having a bad case of good ole boy ism. Normally I do not think a county attorney would respond to a letter such as mine but with elections in the not so far future he may have seen an opportunity to get a few licks in in an attempt to discredit an incumbent he does not favor.

In Mr. Caldwell’s very long responce to my letter he inadvertantly failed to mention that the comments make by the foreman and crew were hearsay. I think he also inadvertantly failed to mention that Commissioner Pinotti was no billed for the action. He also threw out the number of $30,000 expended on the road. May be, but this is the first time this reader saw such a number published and therefore thinks it may have been enhanced to support Mr. Caldwells responce.

All in all Mr. Caldwell took 5 inches of column to respond to my letter plus another 16 inches to copy pretty common legalese found in probably all such documents within the county.

Back to the burr under the blanket. In the days of cowboys, in preparing to saddle their horse a cowboy first put a blanket on the back of the horse. This would act as a pad and provide a level of comfort for the horse. The saddle would then be put over the blanket and secured in place. You can imagine if a burr inadvertantly got caught between the blanket and the horse the horse would very probably become a bit agitated.


John Tessaro

Jacksonville Texas