Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

December 20, 2013

Cartoonist’s work a vile attempt to promote political stance on guns

Jacksonville Daily Progress

TYLER — Dear Mr. Rogers:

Your editorial cartoon for Sunday Dec 15th ( published here on Tuesday December 17th) marking the tragedy at Sandy Hook School has to the vilest attempt by someone to use the death of others to smear someone with whom you personally disagree. The loss of a child by any means, especially at the hands of an insane and evil man is not a opportunity to make a political point. Only the basest ideologue would utilize the death of children to further his political stance.

The obvious portrayal of the NRA member as a redneck idiot was so transparent as to be pathetic. Your placing the portrait of an AR-15 rifle in one the balloons was proof positive of your personal ignorance of the events of the day. The rifle did not kill the children, handguns were used. But facts don’t matter when you are attempting to whip up hatred and achieve your goal.

It truly is a shame when one man’s hatred and venom is so strong as to go to disgusting lengths as you have with this editorial cartoon. I doubt you even thought about the parents and the pain it might bring them to view this obscenity.

I doubt you will read or care what I have to say but I had to say it anyway. Perhaps some in depth counseling will uncover the source of hate/anger/unwillingness to logically and calmly disagree with others.


Jeff Worrell,