Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 4, 2014

Why should we pay for other’s mistakes?

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Time to start thinking about voting again soon. We need to look at what’s going on. Makes no difference if local, state or federal, knowing all time, they all need more money and you need to tighten your belt.

We, the government, can use you working people to take care of these poor un-fortunate deadheads that needs to be taken care of, we’ll cut the military, the ones that has made our life the way it is. Cut the care of the old, that paid years of Medicare payments that have turned into entitlements, give money to illegal immigrants because they had a rough life getting here.

Let’s face it, our leader grew up abusing the system and he’s, along with the rest of polecat in Washington, are still doing it, turning the USA into a welfare state. I didn’t think I’d live long enough to see such plain stupidity and the whining American population sitting on their duff and taking it. Just a question, is there anyone that might know what our Senator Cornyn has done while in Washington other than draw a check?

Then it’s this anti-Christ crowd that don’t want to be offended. Want know my opinion, hit the road jack and don’t come back, try China, Thailand or even Mexico, we’re a free travel country you know. I’m offended because of you and the ACLU crowd and I’d rather you be offended than me.

Let’s look at our sheriff department, how many people in the past that has problems, like break ins or vandalism, when a deputy gets there, the first thing they say, Mr./Mrs. Citizen, you understand we hardly ever find these people. Why is this? Surly it’s not because they can’t, if so, why are they drawing a check? Is it a waste of time because the judiciary is not doing their job. Is it because of the opinion, why bring them in and do all the paper work because nothing is going to happen to them anyway? I’ve gone through this.

The department says get with your insurance company. Then your insurance goes up. Why not let the person that did the damage pay for everything, is that to much to ask?

I’m sorry, talking out of my head, can’t offend/discriminate against deadheads. They do more damage than they get out of your stuff and even work harder at stealing than if they had a real job. My opinion!

Wayne McGee

Ponta Texas