Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

June 8, 2011

Support keeping Jones at West Side

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — It has come to my attention that our superintendent has decided to remove a highly successful principal from one school and place her in another within the district and refuses to change his mind. Plus, he does not give an acceptable explanation for his “poor judgment call”. Does this mean that he is refusing to listen to concerned parents and citizens who are worried about the welfare of their children’s education, or does he plan to just give grief to those who are willing to show their love and support for a decision that seemingly came out of left field? He says he has not had any parents come forward to express their concerns, but what about the parents on the inside, whom I assume he considers only as disgruntled employees? Many staff members DID come forward to voice their opinions. How can parents speak with the superintendent on his decision when his schedule is booked?  Believe me, parents are angry, furious even, that the success of their children’s education is possibly in jeopardy, especially with the new tests that will be introduced for the upcoming school year. The old saying rings loudly now, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

West Side, according to the most recent reports, has the highest percentage of Limited English Proficient children which, in itself, leads to hurdles to overcome. We have proven our success with THIS principal as our leader for four years. She has encouraged them, been their cheerleader to get them all the support needed to get them to this point. It is a shame that our superintendent cannot find a suitable candidate to take the place at East Side when he has said that he will fill Mrs. Jones’ position from WITHIN the district. Why not fill the principal spot at East Side with someone who actually applies for the position WITHIN the district, and not force someone into it? Get a fresh face to go along with their new educational program that starts in the fall. It is awful that Mrs. Jones will not get to bask in the glory of being a Blue Ribbon school with us; for she is a big contributing factors that helped us achieve this goal. For the next five years, she will be watching from the sidelines.

As PTO President and a mother of two West Side students, I would like the board to acknowledge our concerns and know that we are watching and we are aware of the truths that are being distorted. We will no doubt be there to take a step in the right direction for our children’s future. I encourage others who are not West Side parents to join us in keeping fairness in our school district by attending the school board meeting June 20th, at 6:30 P.M. at the Administration Building. Take a stand with us and let the school board know that every action not in the best interest of our children will have a reaction.

Brandi Hinton,