Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 31, 2013

The future of Scouting

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — As a former leader in Scouting, with three Eagle Scouts in my family, I hope I speak for many in scouting.  Scouting has provided some wonderful opportunities and memories for my family.  We love the B.S.A. organization and everything it stands for.

When I heard they were considering acquiescing to political and economic pressures, I was devastated.  Why should an organization that holds God and country in the highest regard stoop to accommodate this aberrant life-style?  One explicitly forbidden by the same God they propose these ‘gay’ boys and leaders pledge an oath to?  This is insanity!  In the Scout oath, scouts pledge to ‘do my duty to God and country….to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight’.  Does anyone else see the irony in that oath for a supposedly ‘gay’ youth?  It doesn’t make any sense unless you turn truth on its head and pretend you can make up the rules of morality as you go.

Just because some have decided that homosexuality isn’t wrong, doesn’t change the fact of an absolute Biblical truth – God specifically condemns homosexuality in the Bible along with adultery, greed, pride and other sins.

 Unilaterally declaring something no longer immoral does not make it so.

When did the Boy Scouts, the last bastion of wholesome American boyhood – the last stand of moral high ground – decide that the political and monetary needs of the organization were more important than the welfare of millions of boys?

The lesbian mother on the news made this statement, “I am not a threat … do I look like a threat?”  Well, yes you do.  You, dear ‘lady’ are the biggest threat that has ever come down the pipe … and if every red-blooded American man, woman and child doesn’t stand up and shout you back down into your place, then we don’t deserve the privilege of scouting.  If the leaders of the B.S.A. let you decide for them the future of scouting, then the B.S.A. no longer represents a majority of scouts.    

If we don’t call a halt and start working towards a reversal of this trend, we are destined for a complete breakdown of society and our nation will crumble … just as sure as the Roman empire disintegrated and tumbled down into the abyss.

Tamra Bolton