Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

February 4, 2013

Reader takes different view of Boys Scouts’ policy change

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — This letter is in response to Tamara Bolton’s Letter to the Editor on January 31.

First I want to say I feel boy scouts  have more to fear from married men who are secret child moleters than from gay fathers/mothers who love their sons and want them to be part of a wholesome upbringing. I also believe gay boys (the product of straight parents) should have the same opportunities as straight boys to learn the values taught in scouting.

Ms. Bolton is entitled to her opinions and I am not here to change her mind. But I have to respond to a portion of her letter where she replies to the lesbian mother. Ms. Bolton says: “You, dear ‘lady’ are the biggest threat that has ever come down the pipe ... [if we don’t] shout you back down into your place, then we don’t deserve the privilege of scouting.” Ms. Bolton, what exactly is “her place”? It sounds like Ms. Bolton wants a return to the dark ages where we can burn this ‘lady’ as a witch! (Ms. Bolton put ‘lady’ in quotes.) Earlier in your letter you attested to your belief in god. These do not seem like pious thoughts.

The part of the scout oath that says “morally straight” refers to taking the high ground concerning morals - not sexual preferences. Young boys do not choose to be gay so they can be “morally twisted.” God made thos boys too – in His image. Are you saying gays are not the children of God? I guess  Ms. Bolton feels there is no room on the high ground for people who do not share the same straight views as she does.

No one follows or obeys the Bible word for word. Humans are flaw-ed. We need to be more charitalbe. There are so many more important problems facing us todya. Community is an important bond. Scouting is an important bond. It would be sad if scoutin became amenable only for a select few.

Carol Stanfill