Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

February 14, 2013

Get to the root of the issue

Jacksonville Daily Progress

RUSK — I have had enough!  Why do so many people believe that gun control will address the violence and deaths that have occurred .... WHY ARE WE NOT FOCUSING ON THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM ... it is a SOCIAL issue, a MORALITY issue, a COMPASSION (or lack thereof) issue,  a VALUES issue.  It is at times a mental health issue ... but definitely not always ... it is the slipping of so many not caring for their fellow mankind ... with love, compassion and simple kindness.  

It may be the result of self absorbing activities that draw us away from personal interaction into video games, computers, and desensitization to violence, I - me - my phones and gadgets...lack of kids and others learning to play fair, to play with one another and to actually lose and be good losers.  

It is a lot of things --- but WHAT IT IS NOT IS A GUN CONTROL ISSUE!


Cynthia Kline