Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

June 3, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader questions flag display – or lack thereof

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — On page 14, May 23, 2013, of Parade magazine that arrived in my Sunday newspaper is a striking photo of our past – BOTH the American and Confederate flags flying proudly on graves at Appomattox Cemetery in Virginia. Included is an informative article titled “War and Remembrance.”

After reading the EDITORIAL on page 4, May 24, 2013, of JDP, I can't help wondering, “Who is Will Cole that spoke for the City of Jacksonville to Chuck Bones?” I find it unbelieveable that the Commandant Marine Corps League Det. #1381, Chuck Bones, was not allowed to place BOTH the American and the Confederate flags in the City Cemetery for Memorial Day. Is this America – the UNITED States of America I live in?

As a US citizen living in Jacksonville, Texas, I am embarrassed by this disrespect for some Veterans, and my heart aches for all the ancestors of the estimated 750,000 AMERICANS that died in the Civil War. Mr. Bones, there are still people in Jacksonville that are thankful and respectful for ALL those that have fought and still fight for our freedoms.

Last week upon leaving the driver's license office, my dad, a WWII Veteran, was stopped by a young man who had been standing in line while Dad renewed his license. He looked straight into Dad's eyes and says, “I want to thank you for your service to my country.”

My heart almost burst with pride for my dad and the young man.

Chuck Bones, I want to be just like that young man that thanked my dad. I want to publicly thank you for trying to remind all of us about the true meaning of “memorial” in Memorial Day by “not disrespecting ANY Veteran from ANY war by plaicing only select flags and ignoring others.” Hopefully, Mr. Cole and the City of Jacksonville will hang their heads in embarrassment and educate themselves on the proper respect for ALL WAR Veterans.


Ann Garner

JDP Reader