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July 18, 2013



 The July 13th edition of the Daily Progress carried an editorial which reported that the Texas Senate's  Health & Hu-man Services Committee heard over 16 hours of public testimony during the opening days of their special session.

The committee then proceeded to pass one of the nation's most draconian anti-abortion bills – never mind that The American Congress of Obstetricians  & Gyne-cologists, The Texas Medical Association, and the Texas Hospital Assoc-iation were against the legislation.

Obviously, the game had been rigged from the beginning.

The medical associations and the hundreds of women who testified against the proposed legislation  never had a chance.

After sixteen hours of citizen input, the heavily weighted GOP committee passed a new law that erodes health and human services for the majority of Texas women.

The new bill also invites a federal lawsuit and will drive thousands of Texas women into the Democratic Party's camp.

According to State Representative Sara Davis, a Republican from Houston's 134th District, the GOP appears to have lost its core values.

In an interview given to the Houston Chronicle, Representative Davis observed that, "The GOP once stood for individual freedoms, personal re-sponsibility, and smaller government."

By passing the new anti-abortion legislation, Texas women lose  individual freedoms and surrender personal responsibility for their lives to the State.

Having lost the majority of Black, Hispanic, and Gay voters through other misguided social legislation, the GOP now alienates a majority of Texas' women.

Like a cult under siege from the outside world, GOP leaders seem unwilling to tolerate criticism or compromise in their Party's dogma.  

The sixteen hours of testimony given by women to the men sitting on the Health & Human Services Committee seems only to have deepened the divide between Texans who want less government and more individual freedoms and GOP officials who voted for more government regulations and less personal freedom for women.  


Terry Thompson


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