Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 30, 2014

Letter To The Editor: Is government hinting at taking over daycares?

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Recently I heard that President Obama announced intentions to provide universal daycare for all Americans.  There are a number of programs in place to assist parents in need, that could be altered or adapted to meet any perceived need.  There are also extensive oversight and training requirements in place to insure that all preschool children get a level of care that is acceptable to the government, and age appropriate learning programs at every level.  That being the case,  what’s the true reason for this next industry take over?  The only logical and obvious reason for this new overreach is to have a greater level of control over and influence on our children as they develop the ideas that help form who and what they will become.  For example, at Charlotte’s Web we incorporate Christian principles and teachings into our lesson plans and pray when we eat meals. 

If the government takes over daycare, that influence would be eliminated from the daily routines for the vast number of children just as it has been done in public schools.  They could also easily force the teaching of social values that you may not agree with but could do little or nothing about.  Right now most parents can choose who they feel will best care for their children and influence them in ways that they find agreeable.  If the government takes over preschool that control will be virtually eliminated for all except the wealthy, like the government ruling class. 

Another thing to consider is that everything the government does, depends on them taking money out of the pockets of private businesses to cover anything and everything they want to pay for.  If the administration is successful at shifting privately owned daycare to government daycare, it replaces tax paying businesses in every town in our country with a tax consuming service. 

 If you are thinking “why should I care,  I just want free daycare, or I don’t have kids who need daycare”, I’ll explain.  If I bought into the communist/socialist philosophies that permeate the democratic party today I could easily rationalize taking over any business or industry.  I.E. (Everyone needs to eat, why should those evil store owners make a profit.  If the government took over the food industry our groceries would be a lot cheaper.)  It’s not true, but really easy to say and really really wrong to do. 

While sometimes necessary for things like public safety, government involvement in business has never made anything better overall or one cent cheaper.  They add many more levels to any process, so it’s simply impossible. 

While the example is a little extreme, anyone who has seen ’The Hunger Games” should understand the danger of any government controlling everything you need, and if we do not start pushing back now that is where the leaders of the Democratic party will take us.  Anyone who doesn’t believes that is their goal is lying to you, or at least to themselves.

Mark Ford