Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 24, 2013

The root of the problem

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — The tendency of American citizens and its government to react emotionally instead of rationally to tragic events must be a source of curiosity and veiled amusement for the rest of the world.  While tragedies are never funny, when you look at the confusing way we try to ‘fix the problem’, it strikes some of us as bordering on the ridiculous.

We have had several horrific attacks on innocent citizens in the last several years.  All of these attacks were carried out by people who were mentally unstable and needed some kind of help.  None of these vicious crimes were committed by your average legal gun owner.  These crimes were perpetrated by sick people who should have had some sort of supervision or assistance for their mental/emotional problems.  

Instead of focusing on the root of our problem...a lack of mental health care facilities, minimal funding for intervention,  and programs to identify potential problems before they erupt into violence; we throw the proverbial book at guns themselves and gun owners specifically.  

This is nonsense. When you disarm a nation’s people, those people are unable to defend themselves against that nation and those who would abuse its power.  That is why our founding fathers considered the ‘right to bear arms’ so important,  because they knew personally that unlimited power corrupted and the only way to stop it was revolution and thereafter,  maintain the ability to defend one’s home and freedom.

What we are facing today is an opportunistic grab for more power: the power to disarm the citizens of this country and enable the powers that be to continue to steam roll over our inalienable rights as Americans.

I plead with our elected officials to be reasonable and approach this matter with the notion to root out and deal with the foundational problem and cause of these tragedies and spend the millions you want to use on ‘gun control’ and use it instead on our mental health care system and stop these people before it’s too late…don’t try to disarm the republic.

Tamra Bolton