Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

February 13, 2013

Post office law unfair

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Our U.S. Postal Offices are on their way to RUIN, and probably not for the reason one might think or may have heard.  IT IS BECAUSE OF AN UNFAIR LAW THAT WAS PASSED IN 2006, that demands that they fund 75 years of retirement in a 10 year window, and I believe it also involves their funding many years of medical in a 5 year window.

The Post Office made money surplus every year until this law, and THIS LAW REQUIRES OF THEM WHAT IS NOT REQUIRED OF ANY OTHER BUSINESS IN THE UNITED STATES.  Is this fair or right?  No it is not.  Not fair to Postal Employees and not fair to “We, the American People”.

So what can be done to save the Post Offices?  We can write or call our Representative to Congress, and we can write or call our Senators: John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and tell them to RESCIND THIS UNFAIR POST OFFICE LAW.

Email and texting has not caused this.  This unfair and discriminatory law that was passed in 2006 has created the MONETARY PROBLEMS OF THE UNITED STATES POST OFFICES, and it can be easily corrected by the U.S. Congress rescinding the law.

Ms. Jon Gatlin

Mt. Enterprise