Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

March 15, 2013

Single copy newspaper carriers the real victims of rack thefts

Progress staff reports
Jacksonville Daily Progress

ARP — On a national level single copy carriers are the ones that take care and fill the newspaper racks outside your local stores.

The carrier is the one who services these racks, and at times the rack will not work properly and therefore a customer will be unable to receive a newspaper.  

These newspapers are bought from the company that they deliver for. Some single copy carriers are retired or disabled and depend on the sales. When the customer loses money in the rack, they want to blame the company that  the carrier delivers for. If the customer would call and leave message that a rack is not working properly, ninety nine times out of a hundred, the carrier will be notified of the problem.

But at times, some people will just steal the papers from the rack thinking it will hurt the company, but the truth is, you are hurting the carrier that depends on that money for such things and Prescriptions, Doctor bills, Gas for his car to deliver in, Rent, Gro-ceries Utility bills. These carriers also pay a fee each week to that company.

Next time you lose money in a rack, call and leave a message to get it repaired. And always remember that when you open a rack and take more than you paid for, think about the next customer, and the money you are taking out of the carriers pocket.

P. Minter