Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

April 29, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Igbokwe for mayor

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — One definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result, unfortunately that is where we find ourselves in Jack-sonville these days.

Texas may have the best environment in the county for job creation, but you wouldn't know it living here.

We have some people in key positions who will tell you when  you are trying to start or expand a business that it is not their job to help you understand what they will expect of you.

They will however make you redo things if you guess wrong. If the mistake is expensive enough it could kill a project, and uncertainty could drive job creators away.

Others seem to think their primary job is to explain why things can't be done.

We need people to focus on what can be done, how to overcome obstacles and on making changes to make things better. It is supposed to be easier to get things done in smaller towns. We must strive to make that true here.

We have some great city employees, but we need leadership that will change their focus.

Monday night a debate was held between our three mayoral candidates and it became very quickly evident that age was not the only difference between them.

It seemed we had one who did not know we have any problems, one who knows we have problems but seemed a little apprehensive about stepping on toes at times because it might end up negatively effecting his business (I can relate), and one who seemed to have a clear understanding of challenges we face in getting our town to live up to its potential, and a clear plan for how to begin moving us in the right direction.

It may surprise some to hear, that before the debate I was leaning toward supporting Rob Gowin.

Even though many of our political views are different, we seem to agree that there is not a great environment here to attract and support businesses.

He knows we need to do some things differently and is willing to try.

I believe this would be a step in the right direction and think that our city would be well served in Rob gets the opportunity to serve as Mayor at some point in the future. However, I am now convinced that William Igbokwe will be our best choice for Mayor at this time.

Jacksonville has be-come a birthplace for stars, but they usually end up having to find places far away to shine.

In William's case, it became clear to many who heard him speak Monday night that he is going to have a stellar career in politics.

We have the great fortune that he has decided to first help the community where he was raised before going off to wherever his career in politics takes him.

I hope we have the wisdom to take advantage of his thoughtful and generous offer while he is available to us.

Mark Ford