Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

March 14, 2013

Letter To The Editor: Reader takes strong stance against article, raw milk

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — You have contributed to risking the lives of infants, children, elderly and immune compromised individuals.  

Readers, please consider what is more important to you, the lives of your loved ones or the personal gains of those promoting this risk.

If you have never had the experience of watching a three year old lying listless in ICU while their little bodies are painfully invaded with needles and tubes providing life saving medications as the ventilator breathes for them because all their organs are shutting down from a ravaging E coli infection, then please try to imagine your child in that position because of ONE glass of raw milk.  

You should also educate yourselves on the effects and statistics of infections of Campy-lobacter, Salmonella and Listeria.  

If health is your reason for choosing alternative milk products then understand that you can buy pasteurized organic milk for its health benefits. One other promotional reason being touted for using raw milk is that it provides digestive enzymes. IF you should be enzyme deficient, know that safe digestive enzymes are available to purchase.

The fond memories of generations past, drinking raw milk evokes a much simpler time when the cow (singular) be-longed to you or your neighbor who was responsible enough to their neighbors to attempt cleanliness while handling. If you have never seen a commercial dairy operation with dozens or hundreds of cows then let me describe that to you.  There are literally rivers and ponds of liquid feces in the barn and surrounding the barn. We are told to place our toothbrushes at least 6 feet away from our toilets because fecal matter is disbursed into the air with a flush.  Imagine the fecal matter of hundreds of cows daily being disbursed into the air as the barn is flushed and ‘sanitized.’

The Dairy industry has standards and regulations in place to protect the health of the public.  Even with a twice monthly inspection of a raw milk supplier, who will be responsible for your illness if there is mishandling on the days in between inspections?  Can you trust the mind of the one whose profit is at stake if he bears no consequences for your hospital bills?  

WHY would you take the word of a someone motivated by profit, who has no background in science, biology or medicine, over 70 years of information gathered by the Centers for Disease Control from data compiled from over one hundred years of investigation and objective testing.

For more information on raw milk please go to :  http://www.foodsafetynews.com and search raw milk myths.

Katherine Weber