Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

September 26, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where will families live?

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — As government cutbacks start hitting home here In Jacksonville, one of the effects here is reductions in the Jacksonville Housing Rent Subsidy Program.  The program helps poor working families by paying part of their rent to their landlord.

I received notice that the rent subsidy program funds to HUD have been reduced by Congress. The local housing authority is being hit hard. I am wondering what will become of the children in subsidized rent houses if they cannot get help with the rent.  How will it affect Jacksonville if these families become homeless?

I believe it has been a good program. Unlike housing projects, management is left to local landlords who are required to meet upkeep standards. Poor people are spread out in the community and can be in a house and yard instead of being concentrated in a housing project apartment. They develop ties to their neighborhood and community. It is far better for children.

As the Bible says, and it sure is true, the poor will always be with us. We need good programs to insure that even poor children can have the security of decent housing. I hope that the cuts to the rent subsidy program can be restored before we face the problem of many more families becoming homeless in Jacksonville.

Jean Freestone