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April 26, 2013

Bullard Middle School heads to West, Texas

JACKSONVILLE — In what started as an incentive for my students to help out the junior high students at West ISD after a horrific tragedy last week, quickly turned into a school wide school supplies drive in a matter of minutes.  After getting the go ahead from principal Cheryl Hendrix for the incentive she decided to challenge the BMS students to collect supplies for the West ISD students and within about an hour we had students and parents bring supplies to the office for the donation.  The Bullard Middle School students collected about 17-20 boxes of school supplies to send down to help the West students as they were to start back to school Monday as the healing process begins and in hope for some sense of normal to return to the community.  As I arrived in town Saturday morning it all hit quickly as I was greeted by law enforcement blocking every street in a five block radius of the plant in which all the schools were located. The command post was at the local St. Mary’s Catholic School where I was able to drop off the donations. I saw the thousands of volunteers and teams of search and rescue groups still trying to check the area before they could allow the residents to return home.  

As I left from delivering the supplies I had a thought “WOW!” … when our young people decide to do something great, they go Big! I’m proud to be a Panther at Bullard Middle School.

Coach Billy Holcomb

Bullard Middle School

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Letters to the Editor
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