Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

May 7, 2013

Reader endorses Igbokwe for mayor

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — It’s voting time! I’m not too much into local politics but this year it got my attention that we have three excellent candidates running for mayor.

First, Mr. Kenneth Mel-vin is an exceptional person. I appreciate his undivided love and dedication to our community during his term but, it is ok to accept that there’s always a room for im-provement.

Second, we have Mr. Rob Gowin who’s running for the first time. Rob is a respectable business owner and one who has served our community well. I believe that it is ok for him to be fed up with the lack of good costumer service from our local authorities.

And then we have Mr. William Igbokwe the younger candidate running. I know he comes from a respectable and loved family. I know that he graduated high school with one of my kids. I know he graduated from UT Austin and that he’s back in town. It’s rare to see a 23 yr old that wants to stick around in a small town when most young people his age want to leave town to enjoy what a big city life can afford: opportunity, variety, ex-citement, diversity and noise.

Young people that leave small towns usually end up in a a big city where usually older people have the local politics figured out and who most likely won’t even vote for local issues. I will assume Mr. Igbokwe came back to Jacksonville because he’s been there and done that and has figured out that Jacksonville has a larger potential.

I want to join William Igbokwe in believing that Jacksonville has a bright and energetic future.

This year my vote will be for the youth in our community. I hope young people in our community see themselves as what they really are, a group not represented by local politics. If you don’t have a voice to speak for you, you are irrelevant. Young people must wake up from their political slumber and make a difference the best way they see fit. Young people need to stop being complaisant and indifferent about their future, no more complaining about having a boring town that offers little to our youth!! Stay here, come back and make of your town what you dream it could be, I know William could lead the way.

Good for you William! now run a good race and God bless!


Esmeralda Haddad