Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

September 10, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: City of Jacksonville needs to enforce the rules that it sets

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — After reading Reece Daniel's last letter to the editor, I can see why and how there may have been a misunderstanding on my situation and intention for the Yum Yum's property.

I first want to make clear that I have not purchased this property. I do, however, own the two buildings next door to it that are not usable at this time due to the fire. (217 & 219 South Main St.)

I am not usually one to discuss my financial situations publicly, but to make a point, I will tell you all that both of my buildings are paid for, and yes, I did have insurance on them.

The easy way out for me, personally, would be to move on. To start up again in a new location. That would be the easy solution. The only thing stopping me from doing this is that I have pride in my hometown.

I will do everything possible to keep two more unusable buildings from sitting, wasting space, and embarrassing our downtown.

I am not looking for a "sweet deal," I am not asking the city to clean up this disaster, I am simply asking them to handle the situation, to enforce their own ordinances.

I'm very optimistic about the possibilities of this space for downtown. So many great ideas have been discussed about it's future use. Jacksonville needs this, whether it is done by the city or an individual.

It needs to change, it needs to grow, it needs to invite new businesses and revenue to this town, and not just this downtown space, everywhere in Jacksonville.

The city should enforce their own rules (below), at a minimum, and the taxpayers expect the city to collect money that is owed to them – fines, to improve this town.

Emily Griffin,


Sec. 4-124. – Assessment of civil penalty.

The board of adjustments, appeals and codes may assess a civil penalty against the property owner for failure to repair, remove or demolish a building ordered to be repaired, removed or demolished by the board, which civil penalty shall be in an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per day for each violation or, if the owner shows that the property is the owner's lawful homestead, in an amount not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00) per day for each violation, if the city proves:

(1) The property owner was notified of the requirements of the ordinance and the owner's need to comply with the requirements; and

(2) After notification, the property owner committed an act in violation of the ordinance or failed to take an action necessary for compliance with the ordinance.

(Ord. No. 1162, § 1, 1-8-02)