Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

October 23, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obamacare is flawed

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — It is hard for me to understand why the advocates of ObamaCare continue to fight for this flawed program to the extent they do, even red faced temper tantrums, “ this way or no way”!! etc.

Let’s put this mess into perspective. Please put on your “common sense hat”, take a deep breath and think for yourself for a few moments about the rosy picture painted by our “President”, Senator Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc.!

Let’s say you are told, through national media, that a trustworthy, well known domestic automobile manufacturer was introducing a new model that will get 50/miles per gal., and has every fine feature and accessory  required for comfortable transportation.. and not only that, there will be no down payment, and the monthly payments will be only $299/mo.!! The payment will also include a five (5) year warranty at your choice of dealership!

You are told that this is such a great deal that the big boss and the sales manager are both getting one! Of course you order yours, specifying red, with a sun roof and all the promised options! You put your deposit in place, and great, we find the mechanics are going to be trained in the interim period so when all the cars get here, there will be no problems!

Everybody is excited.. except for the few who, for some reason can’t believe this can be true.. all this glitter, for such a realistic price? You happily sign the LEGAL contract document, and wait in anticipation for delivery.. and wait, and wait.. but, it’s O.K. it’ll be worth it! Eventually you learn (from an inside source) that the boss and sales manager have decided NOT to take theirs?? What’s the problem you wonder?  What’s the hold up, you ask?.. Finally, the vehicles are being loaded on the trucks, have patience!

Oh.. by the way, sorry, you will have to accept a white one, been a little mix up on color and some of the accessories, like your sunroof and cruise control are missing! And one more thing, actually, a couple things.. it only gets 20/mpg and the payment has been adjusted to $699/mo.!! What you say, wait a second, I don’t think I want it! Oh yes, you will accept this vehicle, and you will pay for it because if you don’t you will be fined! True, the mechanics are upset because they are not going to be paid like the schedule promised, which means that when yours arrives it may take a while to make ready for the road.. sorry!

You say you don’t like this treatment?.. well you elected to buy it!  Soon, hopefully, you will be able to try it! Then the sales manager tells you, the reason he cancelled his is because the company is giving him a different, nicer model FREE!.. (and under his breath he says, stupid people, they don’t realize their car company is bankrupt to boot!).

Take it from a former democrat, when this “legal-law” becomes a reality to YOU personally, you will wince and realize how much it needs to changed!

“Woe also to you scholars of the law, you impose on people burdens hard to carry, but you yourselves do not lift one finger to touch them”.. Luke 11:45-46 – The Gospel of the Lord!

Buddy Ridgley