Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

December 10, 2011

‘Come on fellows, learn to work’ with Pinotti

John Tessaro
Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Our poor precinct three commissioner has certainly been under fire and has had her share of distractions since she assumed her duties.

I've had two occasions to go to the commissioner. No.1, a hole developed in CR 3212, I called it in before noon, the hole was repaired before evening the same day. No.2, I thought the approach to the stop signs on both ends of CR 3210 where it enters Hwy. 79 were hazardous as they appeared right after a rather severe curve. As a result the commissioner installed both curve signs and stop ahead signs. I'm happy with her.

 One thing I agree with is each commissioner has a budget, but the money is OUR MONEY. The commissioners are stewards only. Too often when it comes to the replacement of equipment etc. I'm convinced they respond more to their wishes rather than their needs. If the money was coming from their personal account I would bet they would be much more frugal.

The commissioners No.1 job is to be frugal with our money. How much time, effort, and money was wasted when other commissioners persued litigation over the inadvertent improvement of a road thought to be a county road? I'm convinced this county is suffering from a bad case of GOOD-OLE-BOYISM. Come on fellows, lighten up and learn to work with the ladies. You may even learn something.