Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

January 30, 2013

Lon Morris grad thankful for ceremony

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — Green and white bearcat cheers to First United Methodist Church and the team that planned the Service of Worship Celebrating the Life and Ministry of LON MORRIS COLLEGE that was held Saturday, Jan. 26. What a beautiful tribute to a respected and honored educational institution for 165 years of excellence in this community. It was sad and many tears were shed as would be appropriate at a funeral for a loved one, but it also was very positive about the contribution of LMC to this community and its citizens.

I am a proud member of the Alumni, class of 1983. It looked like about 300 people celebrated the proud history and mourned for the premature demise of such a venerable institution. Thank you to all of the staff that served the school without pay to the end. Your dedication to preserving the school to the bitter end will always be honored.  As the Rev. Dr. Ted Campbell, LMC class of  1974,  reminded us, we who remember have a challenge to find another vehicle for the powerful message that was Lon Morris College and what the Methodist School gave the community, and yes, the world.

Jann McGaughey