Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

February 8, 2013

Another response to Boy Scout letter

Jacksonville Daily Progress

MONTGOMERY — 1. Of course the majority of boy scouts are not homosexual. The majority are also not black, or Jewish or many of the other minority factions. Point being, the BSA is for ALL boys! Not just your chosen ones.

2. There were more than a FEW perverts found in the BSA! According to the LA Times more than 1200 cases were reported and though staggering, the files do not include all alleged abuse incidents within the organization. “Experts say many cases probably were not reported to the national office, and the Scouts say the organization destroyed an unknown number of files over the years,” Don’t dismiss the numbers lightly!

3. The Lesbian mother has every right to demand that her children be accorded every privilege that all other children have. Being the majority doesn’t make you right, it just makes you a majority.  Your Bible would still have us owning slaves if it not for minority rights.

4. Your stance that homosexuality is a choice is a deadly lie! Otherwise children and adult homosexuals would not be committing suicide because they can’t change. You obviously don’t have anyone brave enough in your family to admit they are gay. If you had a loved one that was gay you would probably reject them instead of loving them and wanting them to be happy and having the love of another human to face life. How sad to be so arrogant and close minded!

5. Why do you pick the laws of Leviticus that you want to follow and ignore the rest? Why not ban tattoos, trimmed sideburns, clothing of different fabrics, kill disobedient children, stone women, etc. All those are God’s words not yours, why don’t you use them? Could it be that common sense prevails for everything except what you consider sin?

6.  You are very quick to assume the righteous mantle of the authority of your religion and discriminate against little children who go to school with your children, go to church with your children, go to the movies with your children but are not deemed fit to belong to a wonderful organization like the Boy Scouts. A great life lesson you are teaching your children, Ms Bolton!

Dennis Harper