Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

December 10, 2012

Reader supports paper, defends AG

Jacksonville Daily Progress

JACKSONVILLE — First of all, I would like to commend you and your reporter for not submitting to possible censorship. If indeed the subject of a story asked for prior approval of the contents of a news story, that might well be the second worst form of censorship.

Second, I think the Attorney General of Texas is the hero in the sorry spectacle that once was our beloved Lon Morris College.

Looks to me like he is trying to keep the playing field level and make sure the most aggressive bloodsuckers don’t get to pick off the remains merely because they are aggressive.

I gather the Attor-ney General is trying to protect charitable assets that he thinks shouldn’t be considered part of the bankruptcy estate in the first place.

He is also apparently trying to sort out how charitable assets were used or misused before the College went into bankruptcy. Isn’t that his job?

What a miserable end to a worthy institution that survived against tough odds for decades. It seems to me that the Community’s best hope is that even at this late date there is a strong institution out there somewhere that will buy what is left, if anything, of Lon Morris College. Sad, sad, sad.

John W. Croft