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April 11, 2013

Man allegedly assaults roommate in drunken rage

JACKSONVILLE — A man remained in custody Wednesday in connection with a charge of public intoxication, and – possibly – of assaulting his roommate.

The alleged assailant, age unavailable, was taken into custody Monday morning after the assault and a second incident five hours later in which he tried to reenter the home he shared with his roommate, possibly with a weapon in his hand.

While the man's roommate indicated after the first incident he does not wish to press charges, authorities indicated they might do so anyway if they decide a charge is warranted under the family violence code. The code provides for such charges against people who are related as well as people who live together, Jacksonville Police Officer Nathan Winship said.

During the first, 2 a.m., incident, the alleged assailant and his roommate scuffled at their residence in the 1000 block of San Marcos Street.

The roommate was taken to a local hospital, but the alleged assailant fled before authorities could arrive.

“Officers looked for him after the first altercation but were unable to locate him,” Winship said, reading from reports. “There was another call about 7:12 a.m. in which he was spotted trying to enter into the residence with what was initially reported to be a large knife. But he fled again before arrival.”

After questioning, authorities could not find a witness that had actually seen the alleged assailant with a large knife. They only were told the alleged assailant was “known to carry” a machete, Winship said.

The alleged assailant later was spotted walking through a yard near O'Reilly Auto Parts on South Jackson. An officer stopped him and arrested him for public intoxication and took him into custody.

It turns out the man also was wanted for a warrant on a charge of “escape” out of North Dakota, but authorities from that state indicated they did not wish to extradite him.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the alleged assail-ant was being held only on the public intoxication charge.

If authorities decide to follow up with the family violence charge, he will probably go before a judge, who will set bail Thursday morning.

If not, “he probably will be let go as soon as he sobers up,” Winship said Wednesday.

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