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November 27, 2012

Shooting victim refuses to speak with police

Fire singes local nursing center


Authorities are at a loss to explain why a 20-something Jacksonville man was shot Sunday night because he has refused to discuss the incident with any officer.

The incident took place after 9 p.m. Sunday.  Authorities are unsure exactly where, although they believe it could have been either in the parking lot of Stream Global, 1020 Willowcreek Drive, at a nearby park or at a nearby hotel.

"The person (who) received a gunshot wound to the  arm is not telling us anything, so we don't know what is going on," Jacksonville Police Det. Sgt. Daniel Franklin said. "He went home after he was released from the hospital. But if he won't tell us anything we can't find out who shot him. So it's really hard to do anything."

Jacksonville Police dispatchers received a call  about shots being fired and looked throughout the area but didn't see anything, Franklin said. The nearby emergency room called them about a gunshot victim, who was very uncooperative with authorities.

"He changed his story three or four times," Det. Franklin said.

In an unrelated local incident, a Saturday night fire at Gardendale Rehabilitation and Nursing Center caused some minor damage to the facility, but no one was injured, authorities said.

The 8 p.m. Saturday blaze started after residents there put a plastic bowl full of peanuts in the microwave of the med room, turned up high, for 20 minutes.

The microwave caught on fire and burned cabinets and other items in the med room, said Paul White, Jacksonville Fire Chief.

A fire sprinkler went off and put out the fire, but not until there was smoke and fire damage.

In a separate Saturday incident there was a second fire – an electrical short in the attic which burned a small area – Saturday night at 11:50 p.m. at the duplex on Cherokee Street and Hwy 69, White said.

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