Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

July 18, 2013

Suddenlink launches high-speed service in Jacksonville

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress



Time to discuss the "New Big Thing" – the launch of new high-speed Internet 50.0 service in Jacksonville.

But first, a step back for a tiny bit of trivia: Remember that Sudden-link commercial a few years back that choreographed company em-ployees in a video directed by Tom DeNolf of Denolf Films?

It was a pretty cute little production. You couldn't escape hearing it anywhere. The video was well-choreographed and the song had clever lyrical repetition with a couple of interesting digitized voices. Certainly enjoyable.

There was even bit of a role call in the commercial for the various walks of life represented. One lady proudly sings, "We are Mommies." Cute, cute, cute.

Eventually, however, as with all fun things, the song was simply played too much, absolutely heard too much. Ennui set in. As with all fun songs, it gets played so many times that people just grew tired of it.

Which brings us to our NEWEST "new" thing: the aforementioned high speed internet service.

How many times will we hear about this new development before we also grow tired? Will today's nifty new thing become tomorrow's next Suddenlink commercial? Time will tell.

But according to a release from the company, high-speed Internet 50.0 features a download speed up to 50 megabits per second – the fastest residential Internet service in the community.  

The new Internet service is expected to add another choice to Suddenlink’s three existing services – Suddenlink high-speed Internet 3.0, 15.0 and 30.0, the release shows.

Additionally, all Suddenlink high-speed Internet services include up to 10 e-mail addresses, access to e-mail via WebMail, personal web space and spam blocker.  

More information about local Suddenlink services is available by going to the company’s website, suddenlink.com,  and entering an address and zip code, according to a news release.

Suddenlink’s local customer care office can be visited at 1009 S. Jackson, Suite # 365, in Jack-sonville; or by calling toll-free 888-822-5151.