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June 3, 2013

BUSINESS: SUPER SNO With its tantalizing flavors, this stand's taste bud tango of a snow cone is one part shaved ice, two parts awesome, owners say

JACKSONVILLE — Want something cool and winter-like to help you deal with Jacksonville's insane summertime heat?

'sno problem! How about some Fancy Shaved Ice?

Opening today, June 1, representatives of Jacksonville's “Super Sno” will start selling what they describe as the fanciest shaved ice available in this part of East Texas. Their stand will be located in the Greenhouse Mall parking lot in the 500 block of East Rusk.

Business owner Whitney Graham Carter said she and her husband, Foster Carter, brainstormed a product that embodied pure summer fun when they came up with the idea.

“We wanted a place where everyone can come and feel like a kid again,” she explained. “So we decided to create the fanciest shaved ice available behind the 'Pine Curtain.'  We have a saying, ‘At SuperSNO, you are only 8 ounces away from becoming a kid again.’ ”

Foster Carter agreed these treats definitely put the "snow" in their snow cones – better known as “Fancy Shaved Ice.”

“They're made of that ice, which is really like dipping your hand into the snow and tasting it,” he said. “But it won't hurt your teeth at all. This is really a 'snow' cone.”

Also, the flavors are tantalizing, Carter added.

“Seriously, try the cherry dill pickle flavor with chili spice on top,” he said. “It is awesome. I don't really like cherry myself but the cherry and the dill pickle blend together really well and it tastes really good.”

The business has a vibe that is both nostalgic and modern at the same time, Graham Carter said.

For the duration of the summer, until school is back in session, the business will be open from noon to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays.

Once school is back in session after the summer, the business will open from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. through Daylight Savings.  

It's a brightly colored stand, a reddish orange color, that can be seen from a distance, Foster Carter said.

“It kind of looks like someone who has been in a  tanning bed too long,” he said with a chuckle. “The colors are really cool. It has a white roof and the design logo is really cool.”

As Graham Carter indicated, this isn't your parents' shaved ice. The business sports such choices as cappuccino with marshmallow cream, or vanilla with sweet cream. Then there's cherry, with pickle, or even con super chile spice.  

“The most refreshing for summer and a top seller sleeper: Cucumber Melon con Super Chile Spice topped with Marshmallow Cream,” she said.

This business is the product of a long standing dream of doing soothing fun and nostalgic for Jacksonville.

“We love shaved ice,” she said, “We’ve been tossing the idea around for a few years. … We are hoping to create a memory for this generation and generations to come.”

All simple syrups are made by hand with pure cane sugar. There is no high fructose corn syrup and servings are gluten-free.

Costs range from $1 for an 8 ounce serving; $2 for 12 ounces, $3 for 16 ounces; $4 for 20 ounces and $5 for 32 ounces. There is no extra charge for any two flavors, and additional topics are 50 cents.

The business will be promoted by word of mouth as well as on Facebook and through Instagram. Questions or inquiries can be directed to Foster Carter at 903-721-1542.

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